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5 Creative Ways to Find Your Ideal Blogging Niche

5 Creative Ways to Find Your Ideal Blogging Niche


This guide provides advice on starting a successful blog. It suggests beginning by identifying topics that the writer is passionate about and considering their favorite blogs. It further suggests that the writer share their knowledge, think about topics not covered in their favorite blogs, and focus on offering solutions to issues. Finally, it mentions the usefulness of BloggerAI, an AI powered blog article editor, for finding new ideas and quickly writing blog posts.

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What should I write about? 🤔

1. Identify what you're passionate about. 🔥

This is an excellent place to begin when selecting your blog topics. Think about what you enjoy doing or what you used to like doing a long time ago. It's possible to relive old hobbies by starting a blog about them. For instance, when I was younger, I was very into fishing and frisbee. 🎣

If you have a single hobby that you’re passionate about, then it would make sense to start a blog about it. Do you like knitting personalized mittens? 🧤 Write about that. Do you watch British TV shows? 📺 You could create a blog about that too.

2. Consider your favorite blogs. 🤗

Abby has talked about how she worked as a bank teller in the past (pre-blogging) and how she read I Heart Organizing every day. Chances are you have some favorite blogs too. Which kind of blog do you enjoy reading the most? 📖 This can help you determine the type of blog you should create.

Make a blog that you yourself would enjoy reading. 🤓

3. Share your knowledge. 🤓

You may not think of yourself as an "expert" in a particular topic, but you probably know more than some other people. 🤔 If people always come to you for advice on decorating, fashion, photography, etc., then you should consider writing about it. 🤩

Nathan Barry proposed the notion of "teaching everything you know". 🤓 He argued that the best way to build an audience is to teach. 💡 So, if your friends and family constantly come to you for advice, then why not make a blog about it? 🤗

4. Think about the topics that are not covered in your favorite blogs.

When going through your favorite blogs, do you find any important points that have been missed out? Is it possible that the author of the blog is not talking about an essential element on the subject? Maybe you have a preferred blog on home organization but it mostly has articles that discuss expensive organizing solutions. You could start a blog that fills the gap by writing about cheaper yet effective organizing solutions.

Maybe there’s a blog that you read daily related to productivity. You may have noticed that it mainly focuses on desktop productivity tools and applications. You could fill this gap by launching a blog that talks about productivity on iOS or Android.

5. Focus on offering solutions to issues.

It has been said that a business is basically a solution to a problem. What kind of problems or difficulties do people face? Create a blog that helps people tackle these issues. If many people have the same problem and your solutions are good enough, you will have a successful blog.

Exercise makes you perfect but AI makes everything easier.

By investing your time in this exercise, you'll likely discover which topics you prefer to write about and which comes more naturally to you. 👍 You can also consider using BloggerAI, a new AI powered blog article editor that can help businesses find new ideas and writing more blog posts in less time! 👍